Press the Pause Button!!


I am always amazed at how hard December slaps me in the face.  Thanksgiving shifts us right into psycho hyperdrive until the end of the month. Pausing and thinking are hard to do as we juggle work, family and holiday obligations. However, amidst the holiday crazies, it is the perfect time to hit the pause button and take time to reflect on the past year.


Since I live, DREAM, breath and preach online learning, I would like to guide you to also reflect on your online learning program this past year.

  • Are you happy with how your online program is running or performing? Why?

  • If you could change three things about your program, what are they?

  • Do your students benefit from your online program?  How? What are your stories?

I am hoping that at least one of these questions leads to action…after the holidays of course.  I am also sure those questions cause a realization that you may need help with the answers. Reflection can sometimes get us stuck as we unearth questions and fewer answers.


As a service agency, my and the CAOLA IU partner’s jobs, are to HELP you plan and navigate online learning.  We are experts in this field and WANT to make sure your online program is successful. We would love to help you reflect, adjust and celebrate your online program mid-year. The strength of this consortium is the wealth of knowledge, experience and true partnership amongst the members and IU’s. Please, as you reflect and discover more questions also reflect on how you can dig into the collective knowledge of CAOLA to discover answers.


On behalf of the CAOLA team and IU Partners, we wish you a very merry holiday. Please take time to not only hit the pause button but also crank up the music and celebrate.

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